Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adam vs. Jim Alger

I guess while I have a few minutes to write a post, I am taking advantage.  

Usually my vacations are filled with a bunch of tiny little blogs, or now that I have time to digest the news and comment, that is usually what happens.

So who is Jim Alger?  I have not heard of this fella before yesterday.  And to tell you more about how I came to learn who he was, I must catch you up on a few things.

I jumped on the twitter bandwagon.  What is twitter?  It's just Internet chatter.  It's a bunch of narcissistic jerks, talking about what we are doing.  Well I caught a little bit of the news before bed Thursday night and watched the news Friday morning and then I saw the melted faced freak we like to call Nancy Pelosi, aka, madame speaker, aka, whiny little Grandma [if one were to Google Search narcissism and then click on the images, you will see Nancy Pelosi].  

Now I will be pretty honest.  I don't know much about who she is, or what she has done for her district in California, but what I do know is that she is a spotlight loving, finger pointing, nobody.  I am not impressed with her in the least.  It's bad enough I have to stare at that melting face while I watch the State of the Union Addresses, but now she has found a new sense of authority now that her party is ruling the country.  I say ruling and not governing because we are slowly slipping into the world of socialism.  More about that later, but I am not a fan of Ms. Pelosi.  

So how did my disdain for Nancy Pelosi turn into an argument with Jim Alger?

Here is the deal.

Here is where is started.  Please look at the times at the bottom of all the posts. [Now when you read these things, when you see 'acgercak' it denotes that I have said something.  When you see '@acgercak' it means that Jim is talking back.  When you see 'acgercak@JimAlger' it means I am talking back to Jimmy.  Now you have your crash course on how to read a twitter feed.]

acgercak:Nancy Pelosi is just as guilty as anyone else. I'm pulling a page from HER playbook. Let's prosecute her for being accessory.


~K said...

I basically got in a flame war about this on another forum. I don't give a shit Republican/ Democrat or whether torture is wrong or right. The fact of the matter is she is just simply full of bullshit with her latest claim and should be called to the carpet repeatedly for trying to put herself above everyone else. Not to mention I live in Calif and our legislature is full of idiots just like pelosi unfortunately

Jim Alger said...
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Jim Alger said...

Sorry to bust your bubble Adam, I didn't report you to Twitter for being a spammer. In fact, I agree with some of you premise, namely that Dems were complicit in some of what went on. Had you listened to my show you would know that.

I didn't keep the conversation going because I have a life, and over 13,000 followers on my feed and frankly didn't see any further reply from you and moved on. In any event, I can't dedicate a whole lot of time to someone who spouts off about what they do not know as fact, and then ascribes motives to peoples actions. There is no reasonable "debate" at that point. Just bashing.

For the record, Pelosi has said she DID know in Feb 2003 about the water boarding but as previously stated she couldn't make a classified program public or she'd be in jail.

Now if you think this mini-discussion on Twitter is some me "vs" you scenario, you are thinking way too highly of your importance in my life.

And you call others narcissists?

Judity said...

Personally, I think Twitter is about giving your opinion and moving on. If you need to write more, just blog and post the link. There's way too much to read and RT to dwell on one issue. And that's my 2 cents. Thanks.

Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

Wow Jim.. you're just a little Liberal pussy aren't you?! So what's the story?! Sounds like you need to get it straight... did she or did she not know about these torture techniques? You sound just like Obama... talking bullshit from both sides of your mouth and your ass all at the same time.. amazing... Democrats fought hard to regain control and you are all blowing it for the party with this petty bickering bullshit.. I have yet to see anything actually done buy this Democrat administration and congress... wow look at all this change that's happening... I sure wish I drank the Obama Koolaide and I could be just as idiotic as the rest of the democratic party... what a shame the whole world is looking at the USA and saying...WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING?!

I'm ashamed of my elected officials right now and I can happily say I voted for the other guy!

Jim Alger said...


That is Democratic. At least have the courtesy to show a modicum of respect for your opponent.

As I have said repeatedly, she says she new in February '03 but could not disclose it because it was CLASSIFIED. She was NOT in power then and had no authority to stop it. Democrats DID protest to the CIA and there objections were ignored. The "misleading" statement is in regards to a September 02 briefing.

Did I say that slow enough for you?

The bigger point is that it doesn't matter. Torture is torture and those that ordered it BROKE THE LAW. PERIOD. Doesn't matter if someone else knew. If you know a bank is going to be robbed, you are under no obligation to say anything, the person robbing the bank STILL GOES TO JAIL.

This is why Republicans are so afraid of an investigation. You can clammer to impeach a President over a blowjob but the unwarranted death of 5,000 soldiers, the outing of covert CIA operatives, the torture of prisoners, oh no... lets not investigate that.

Shut up. You have ZERO credibility here.

I am not with the left here. I dont say prosecute... yet. I say investigate and get to the WHOLE truth.

Now you may proceed and attempt to make my position look unreasonable.

Steve... The Master of The Universe said...

So let's see if I can possibly understand your obvious higher level of intellect.

I see plastic Pelosi on TV saying that she did not know about any form of "torture" and here I see you spewing that yes she did know but couldn't stop it. The point here is that the Democrats are NOT on the same page and do not have their story straight... either she knew or didn't and from the unclassified reports that I see here it appears that she did know and was told about it.. and by the way... she really doesn't have any power she has demonstrated that over and over again.

Now go ahead investigate... and then don't cry about what you find out... CIA is there for a reason... we don't want to know everything...that is why we hire people to cover it up and you know what?? Torture if you have to I have no problem with it because if a little information that helped keep my children safe for another day from some crazy terrorist was gotten..I'm all for it.

In addition... for the record "water boarding" really shouldn't be considered torture.. have you ever been water boarded?? Yes its frightening but you aren't injured from it.. oh wait forgot to put on my hippee hat... but it causes mental agony... whatever dude... knowing there are people out there wanting to blow Americans up just because is torture then.

I just wish we could torture people like you while we were at it just because.

In case you forgot Slick Willy wasn't impeached for a blow job he was impeached because had provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury regarding the Paula Jones case and his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and that he had obstructed justice through an effort to delay, impede, cover up and conceal the existence of evidence related to the Jones case.

And uh yeah I have just as much credibility here as you tough guy.

I do have another question here though... so you think that the war and the outing of the CIA operative and torture should be investigated? Then why hasn't the democratic controlled congress investigated? Afterall they have had 2 years to do it and still nothing. It's fine to point fingers at someone just make sure you point in the right direction.

Boy its a good thing the Democrats still have Bush to bash... where would you be if you had to blame yourselves?

And by the way its THEIR objections were ignored... not THERE objections were ignored.