Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Reader near you!

I am sitting here after a long day recalling notes from my day. I find things to write about all the time, so I keep a one subject spiral notebook with me to jot down ideas, and when I am in the car I use my voice recorder on my BlackBerry.

I basically say lines, write observations, and write subjects down that I would like to blog about.

Today I have so many things that I want to write about, but to put in all in one blog is too much. It would seriously be 15 pages printed. So I have decided to write them all at the same time and release them as I get them done. I figured I would give you a little preview on them, just so you check back. Consider this the hanging teaser in American Idol, and if you think that show sucks, then think of another show where they are about to give you that climax of the show and then shoot to commercial. That is what this blog is.

Its the previews before the movie.
Its the Sunday Paper ads.

Without further delay, here is what is on my mind.

*Why I hate the iPhone. A comprehensive study* [could go on for days and days and I feel there may be sequels to this blog when I eventually get it finished]
*Obama is coming. Will he shut down Guantanamo Bay like he said?*[requires more research, but would like to have this out by tomorrow afternoon]
*Nu Pregnancy, how knocking my wife up has changed my life*[you'll love this!]
********i also have an interview coming from another blogger from Blogland, Tangobaby. Go visit her, she is neat!! Not sure when, I know she is a popular blogger and many people asked to be interviewed and she is pretty diligent in asking different questions. I can't wait**********

PS>>>>>>>if you haven't noticed I have a blog list. They are a list of blogs I follow. I have added a few more that I enjoy. They are all worth reading, and I find interest in all of them. Either I know them personally, or found their blog through stumbling on it, but I like them, I follow them and you should stop by and read them. Enlightening, humble, and most are filled with fabulous photography, which my blog lacks.

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calicolyst said...

Spiral notebook; not a bad idea. I can't tell you how many ideas for blogs I've had that I've just outright forgotten.