Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Blog? Check!

Well, welcome to inauguration day folk's. I hope you seat backs and in flight trays are in their full and upright position. You are about to witness history. You knew that already? Ok.

So, yesterday I posted what I would consider my longest blog EVER. There was only 1 other blog I have posted that was as long, but maybe longer. Unlike this last post, the other 1 was completely true.

What other blogs did I commit to telling you about? Oh yeah! Why I hate the iPhone. Look for that one today. I also have a blog about my wife and being pregnant, and how it has changed my life. All of them will be much shorter than the blog I posted yesterday. Maybe.

For those of you keeping score. I also renamed and posted a blog on my other site yesterday as well.

Well, happy what ever future holiday this might become!

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