Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Overnight w/ Vodka Logic [Part 2]

After Vodka Logic had her claim ticket for her luggage and an address to have them drop off the luggage, we headed back to my place.

The plan was, at this point, to find a place to eat.  In Cleveland there are many many places to choose from, but I didn't want to drive too far.

Laura has read many of my blogs talking about food, and Bar Symon has just redone their menu, so I decided we are going there.  It is close.  There is probably not a wait.  And in the eventuality we get drunk, my wife is nearby to pick us up and drive us home after she is done with her practice.

So have you ever had beef tongue?  Me neither.  That's why when I saw it on the Bar Symon menu, I had to try it.  Vodka Logic looks over the menu and then looks at me and asks, what is a perogi?  I looked at her and was flabbergasted.  What?  Was that a question?  Sometimes I take my heritage for granted.  My family is Slovak.  Perogi are pretty much a staple in my house around Christmas time.  So seeing my reaction, and a hearty suggestion she try them, and what better place than Cleveland?  The Cleveland Classic was in the kitchen just for Vodka Logic.

So by the time the first round of cocktails got to the table, dinner arrived.  I was famished so I dug in, after Laura and I took photos of the food of course.

The [blurry] Cleveland Classic

Beef Tongue Sandwich w/ Chips

I know that looks yummy right?

So during dinner we got a phone call at the table.  Guess what?  Laura's bag finally made it to Cleveland.  So I stopped drinking after the second drink, and prepared to drive Laura through Cleveland, then back out to the airport to get her lost bag.  

It is in my humble opinion that if you want to see a city, have someone who lives there show you around.  If you live in a place and don't know anything about it, then learn.  Be proud of your town.  

As we exited the restaurant, with 1 extra sausage in hand, because Laura only could handle 1 of the 2 she got, so we set off down the historic Lake Rd into Cleveland.  

Laura commented on the houses.  How cheap they were.  People don't realize how inexpensive the Midwest is.  She saw this in the tab she picked up at the restaurant.  Our meal could have easily cost over $100 in New England.  In Cleveland, a miserly $60.00.  

As we drove down I was sharing some facts about Cleveland.  Lake Effect snow, electric rail road to the burbs, and even where the celebrities live.  I think at one point I was overloading her, because she said, damn you know a lot about this city.  

I know I do.  I also tend to ramble when I have someone new to show around.  I love my city, and I think Laura saw this.  We arrive in downtown and I drove her through Playhouse Square, the Gateway District, by E 4th Street, and then to I-71 south to the airport.  

Baggage claimed and off to bed.  

Now Laura did not come into town w/o bringing gifts for the Mrs. and I and also for the kids.  Patriots gear for the kids.  Shot glasses for the Mrs. and I.  How awesome is that?  Seriously.

So Friday was the tourist day.  Laura's only request was to see the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  So I obliged.  Audrey spent her day off with her mom, as she hadn't seen her for the week on the account of play practice, and the wife, Laura, Addison, and I went to the Rock Hall.  

I hadn't been there in a while, and to all those Clevelanders who haven't been, get there, it is a great place.  Time was getting tight for Laura's flight home, so what were we to do for lunch.  I know I wasn't going to stop at the Rock Hall's cafe.  That would be a waste.  Why visit a cafe when you can dine at one of Bon Appetite's Top 10 Restaurants?

Off to the Greenhouse Tavern we went.  

I think this lunch menu is one of Cleveland's best kept secrets.  Small, inexpensive, and flavorful.  

I didn't get a good photo of my lunch as I wolfed it down so fast, but Laura was able to get this shot off before her hunger monsters got a hold of it.

The Greenhouse French Dip

We finished our lunch and realized that Laura had to get to the airport to head off to Indianapolis on the 2nd leg of her tour of the Midwest. 

But what is a trip to Cleveland without a proper send off?

Come back soon Vodka Logic.  You only saw part of this great city!


Matty said...

Glad to hear that she got the luggage back. You sound like a great tour guide. I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever out your way.

Julie said...

Laura, seriously I am stunned that you didn't know what a perogi was till you came to Cleveland.


oh my - we love perogis here too. glad she enjoyed the trip!

Vodka Logic said...

I had heard of perogi but never had them... pure WASP here...

Adam and Jenn are great hosts and their girls are adorable.

I am coming back with a gf and we are going back to the RR Hall of Fame for the full tour.

And thanks Adam and Jenn for making me feel so welcome. If we stopped drinking cuz of my bag...damn. we could have picked it up in the morning.

Will Burke said...

Now I want to plan a Cleveland trip! Beef tongue? You're a braver man than I, and I bet your little girl is too!

Anonymous said...




Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I consider myself adventurous, but I think I'd have to draw the line on beef tongue... ;) Sounds like you and your wife were the perfect hostesses for Laura! Glad she had a chance to visit - and glad she got her luggage back! :)