Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Overnight w/ Vodka Logic [Part 1]

So it was no secret that Laura from Vodka Logic was coming to town.  Her flight was scheduled to come in on Wednesday afternoon.  With the snow storms that hit Cleveland then hitting the East Coast, her flight was canceled.  Then rescheduled.  Then canceled again.  Then rescheduled.  Again.

During this time a study came out from Forbes Magazine.  Cleveland was #1 on the worst winter weather list.  Boston was #2.  Funny, Laura was coming from Boston.  To Cleveland.  During winter storms.

Seriously.  I can't make this crap up.

Finally, Vodka Logic made it to town Thursday night.  Her flight was 20 minutes early, but not to worry, we would end up waiting around the airport for another hour.

As you know US Airways is known as the airline that can land in the Hudson River, but not as an airline that can get your bags from destination A to destination B.

The baggage claim belt came to life, and died in a meager 10 minutes.  Everyone who had a bag on the belt, got their bag and left.  Then we look around.  There are 4 people there who had not gotten a bag, and they were still standing around.  Waiting.  For a bag that wasn't going to be there.  Laura and I were a few of those people.

Laura got in line to make a claim, I took a seat.  I was pretty pissed for her.

Just want to put it out there.  If I have to pay to check my luggage, it had better be there when I get there.  Airlines are jacking up fees, and losing luggage.  It is one thing to lose luggage when it is free, I get what I pay for; but when I am paying you to put my bags on the my airplane and then take them off, and I don't get my bags, then why do I have to still pay you?

I digress.

There is a part 2 of this story, and it has a happy ending.  Come back tomorrow for the conclusion.  You will not want to miss it.  The rest of the story needs it's own blog post.


Vodka Logic said...

I can't wait to find out what happens.

Matty said...

I like your comparison between being able to land a plane in a river, and not being able to deliver the luggage.

I can just imagine the rest of the story.

Will Burke said...

Amen, Brother! That fee should be refunded in the event of a major screw-up!


yes ... i am on the edge of my too-small-for-my-ass airplane seat

Anonymous said...