Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got a new job in less than a week....

...and I really feel like a dick for it too.

There are a ton of people out there who are jobless, my mother is one of them.  My friend Kasey is another.  Both of whom read this blog.

So I want to say it now, I am sorry for getting a job when I already had a great job.  I am.  My job with Verizon Wireless was fantastic.  But now with my new adventure, I find myself biting my tongue about how awesome of an opportunity it is, because people close to me are having a very hard time.  Depression. Guilt.  Thoughts of inadequacy.  You name it, you'll have it.

So I am just very very sorry, but I am also not very sorry at all either.

I know what it is like to not have a job, and I was told a long time ago when I was working in the Radio Industry, to always be looking for your next opportunity.  So that is what I am always doing.  Always.  Many people learn the need for a solid network about 1 pink slip too late.  Make that change on your terms.  It is no secret that companies are cutting back.  Be looking.  Be ready.  On the day I resigned from Verizon Wireless, it was the same day that Verizon Communications announced layoffs on it's wireline side.  Keep your eye on the business.  If it looks solid, start looking.  If it gets shaky, step up your efforts so you are ready.

You also need to be really honest with yourself.  Are you really someone that is worth something to the company?  Really?  I know I know, that is very hard to self assess, but you need to start getting honest.  Stop saying that your shit doesn't stink, because in the end, your shit is just as smelly.  The issue is, is your shit easy covered up by oust?  Are you that squeaky wheel?  They say it gets the oil, and I usually say it's the oil to help you lubricate your exit.

So as I lack the words to blog as of late, it really as a result of me trying to stifle my excitement for the next part of my career because there are many of you looking and trying to even get interviewed.  I feel bad for you.  What do you want me to say?  Hang in there?  Well hang in there.

Some people say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  In the words of Ron White I say, find the person who's life is giving them vodka, and have a fucking party.

In a way I am sorry.  In another, I am not.  I am staying in control of my destiny.  I suggest you get in control of yours too.


In case you missed it, I was asked to be a guest on a podcast yesterday.  Check out my interview on Kelly's Podcast "Speaking from the Crib".  I had a blast.  Enjoy that.


Vodka Logic said...

I am lucky in that I have had the same job for 23 years. I was laid off in the beginning but was hired back. Before I had my current job I had bouts of unemployment and low wage jobs. I know how lucky I am. Adams advice sounds great and I am guessing that your friends are happy for your opportunity. Enjoy

Will Burke said...

Smart advice, especially since smart companies would love an excuse to trim fat from high-seniority whiners than lay-off those who still care about doing a good job,

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

So what you are saying is... you're totally stoked you have a job and it took you no time at all to find one. You are only slightly sorry for others that don't have a job because you are over excited that you have one... and one you are well happy and enthused to have! right?

Great Podcast BTW :)

~Kenny said...

suck me! I hate you. I hope you get Michael Scott as a Boss! :-)

Yankee Girl said...

From Forgetting Sarah Marshall: when life gives you lemons, say fuck the lemons and bail.

Congrats on getting a job so quickly. You are allowed to be excited. So be excited.

Mel said...

I started lining up interviews and sending out resumes months ago because I had the intuition "something was happening" at my small company. And it did...

The week I was let go, I was nothing less than "hired" by a new company -- of which the owner approached ME for the open position, and interviewed me several times, including meeting his office staff. For whatever reason, after he learned of my joblessness, I was no longer pursued for the position. It was all very, very strange (and coincidental, if you ask me).

That being said, I'm taking the time off exploring new options in my career. It's terrifying, exciting and motivating in all the same day. Networking constantly and consistently is so important.

Best of luck to you in your new career!

Matty said...

I don't think you need to apologize to anyone. Sure, you may feel a twinge of guilt, I suspect because you are close to the people who are out of work, but you have nothing to do with their job situations.

I'm new to your blog Adam. What is your new job?

Ninja in a Mazda said...

Ultimately, you can't apologize for your success when it is based on hard work and never settling.

And, it is certainly a good thing to have the perspective and humility to recognize that there are many people who work just as hard as you, but don't have jobs.

As a matter of fact, that perspective and humility probably contributed to your success, because not everyone has those type of intangible qualities.


first of all, i found several grammatical errors in your post. this may have contributed to ... something.

second of all, kenny, i would DIE to work for michael scott. I DIE. and please may i be jim halpert's love interest, and dwight's nemesis and the recipient of some stanley sass.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, dude. Solid advice.

Kasey said...


I am very happy for you... and I think it's kind that you were so concerned about others feeling badly that our situation is not resolving itself as quickly as yours did. It is part of what makes you a great guy.

I have to have faith that this is all part of my journey, and, while it would be good(great) to have a job soon, I cannot deny my life has been enriched significantly by having this time OFF. I needed some time... to catch my breath, to ask myself some hard questions... why did I need to work so hard? to pay for the bills for all my "stuff". Do I really need all this stuff? I used to justify that I would buy the stuff because I worked so hard... see the strange cycle here?

I've got a couple of years on you Adam, and my perspective today is different than it was when I was 29. Now, do I sometimes wish I could be 29 again with the knowledge I have now? hell yeah! But that's the other cruel twist of life.

I'll just keep trudging the road of happy destiny, and try and enjoy myself along the way. :)

Anonymous said...