Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Throwing Quarter Podcast Season 2 Ep. 4

[image credit to Natural Synthetic]

Finally! After how long? Well it has been a while and it feels great to be back and podcasting again.

This episode features music from a new Cleveland Band Vendetta Point. They brought with them, 3 exclusive tracks from their yet to be released EP The Scars. I am really excited about this band. They have a sweet sound, down to Earth musicians, and the ability to fuck your ear pussies.

They have a ton of great stuff and I hope you like it.

Dan came by with some Hollywood Spin.

We also bantered about the swine flu, giving birth, bad/good sex, and horses and humans having sex.

This episode is must listen, but I want to warn you, it is definitely NOT kid friendly, so you've been warned.

As always mobile users can get the podcast on the go with their BlackBerry or iPhone on Stitcher. You can also download this episode on iTunes too! Just search for Throwing Quarters in the podcast library.


1 comment:

Vodka Logic said...

Good stuff and funny, hello to the wife and the baby, nice to hear them in the background.

Good luck to the band, I enjoyed the music. If ever in Massachusetts let me know.

Funny movie reviews and as for Twilight I fell asleep watching it and haven't tried again

The rest of the topics....lol lol