Friday, October 9, 2009

And the winner is.....

I woke up this morning and headed off to the bathroom. I sat down at the toilet as I pulled up the New York Times [NYT] on my BlackBerry. I am doing my part by going green and reading the paper on my BlackBerry rather than filling my house with pointless newsprint.

The headline read: 'Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize'

My bowels evacuated just as I realized what the Nobel Peace Prize has become, a piece of shit.

I am a proud American who will stand behind his country, but what I don't understand is how they awarded the Nobel Prize to Obama only after 10 months in office. They stated they awarded the Prize to Obama for his, "...for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

What the hell does that mean? So, they gave him the Prize because he tried really hard? They are awarding his effort, but not the accomplishment? Did he go to the Middle East and give a speech in Cairo? Yes. Did he go overseas and talk to a bunch of people? Yes. But how can they say that his efforts were worthy of such a Prize? How can 10 months in office equate success in diplomacy. It is like he was just inducted into the Hall of Fame after only the 1st quarter of his first game of his rookie year.

So I went to the all knowing oracle and asked it a question. What is the mission of the Nobel Prize? How does one get a Nobel Prize? Wikipedia states the award shall be awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

So has Obama done the "most or best work" for the fraternity between nations? How is it possible?

I think we, and the world, were quick to crucify Bush for his policies and even quicker to award Obama for his without their due vetting process.

We can go back and talk about Bush all we want, but the track that he was on was not all that bad.

Bush wanted to keep the tax cuts for the upper echelons of the income brackets because they are people who employ people. They are people who own businesses. The Democrats voted down that tax break in an effort to share the burden with the rest of the working class. Now the Democrats in Congress are talking about giving tax breaks to small businesses so they can hire more people. Well, if they never voted down the tax break in the first place, maybe we would be on our way to recovery. Way to think that one through Democrats!

Well 12 months later, the democrats have their chosen one in office and the economy is in the tank, still, even after all the money they threw at the problem. All this administration has accomplished was growing the bailouts [that Bush was critisized openly about by the Democratic Congress and fiscal irresponsibility] from $450 billion to $8.2 trillion.

Tell me, how do we save money by spending more money.

Seriously taking financial advice from a Democrat is just like taking investment advice from someone on welfare. I would rather take money advice from a rich Republican than a poor Democrat.

So let's put it together, Obama won a Nobel Prize for his efforts in diplomacy, but not his accomplishments. Obama's accomplishments have been to spend his way into even bigger bailouts to those who have put us into this whole economic disaster.

Obama is printing money which has devalued the dollar everywhere. Foreign countries' entire economies are tied to the value of our dollar, so what is Obama doing? He will kill those countries in the end.

Other notable Nobel Prize winners that didn't deserve it just as much as Obama doesn't now.

1. Jimmy Carter in 2002. Enough said.

2. Al Gore in 2007. Let's sit around and make shit up, then film it. He should give back his Oscar too.

3. Kofi Annan and the United Nations in 2001. They let a tyrant wipe his ass with their resolutions, and he got the prize for not enforcing the policies that are supposed to keep this whole world safe through international cooperation, but in the end, it's just another group that has lost it's purpose. BTW, there isn't even a reason as to why they awarded it to the U.N.

4. Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin for their efforts in to create peace in the Middle East in 1994. We see how well they succeeded. Again, awarding effort and not accomplishments.

5. Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 for helping bring down the Cold War. Really? Didn't Regan have just as much to do with that as this guy? Wasn't he building it up until he realized that his war machine was just a rusted out Ford Pinto? Oh yeah, Regan was a Republican, they don't promote peace, they just ruin nations. Yeah I forgot. Regan got us out of a recession in the 80's and made us a proud world power again. I forgot, he destroys the world.

There are also notable snubs from the Nobel Prize commitee.

Where is Gandhi on that list? Pope John Paul? Corazon Aquino, the 11th president of the Philippines, and the first woman president elected in an country in Asia, and oh yeah, she re-drafted their Constitution to limit the sweeping powers of the president and restored a democracy in the Philippines. Oh yeah, she doesn't deserve it. Let's give it to Obama who tried really really hard, but as of yet, has accomplished nothing.


Uncle Skip, said...

That rocks!!!
Keep throwin' them quarters/

~K said...

I couldn't agree with you more. When it comes to Obama a lot of people are drinking the Grape Kool-Aid. I am not saying the guy isn't capable and he doesn't have the potential to accomplish many great things. However, I think maybe he should ACTUALLY DO GREAT THINGS before we start handing out the accolades. I am not being partisan wither. When I made a commentary on face book about the video that came out singing his praise a lot of people attacked me. I said you tell me what he has done so far. something he is directly responsible for fixing or accomplishing and I will write the fucking song write now, sing it and post it on the internet. I got no replies.

Vodka Logic said...

Fucking brilliant... no wonder I like you...

Funny too.


Just Jules said...

Blogger spudballoo said...

Yes, i confess that I am SO irritated at Obama getting the Peace Prize. He is, whichever way you look at it, the most powerful man on the planet...striving for peace is part of his job, he shouldn't get a bloody prize for whatever he does in the pursuit of world peace, it should be a GIVEN.

Spud wrote this over at Moments Of Perfect Clairty... I agree.

Quarter Thrower said...

Jules, I was so impressed with that comment, I went over to moments of perfect clarity and snagged the whole comment from Spudbaloo.

Here is the whole comment:
"Waves hello! Yes, i confess that I am SO irritated at Obama getting the Peace Prize. He is, whichever way you look at it, the most powerful man on the planet...striving for peace is part of his job, he shouldn't get a bloody prize for whatever he does in the pursuit of world peace, it should be a GIVEN.

I'm really immensely cross about it actually. I'm not saying he's not making impressive moves in the right direction, just that what he's doing is what we expect of him and, presumably, part of the reason the American public voted for him. There are others, surely, more worthy...who are making strides towards peace in difficult circumstances, without being paid to do so, because they are deeply passionate about it and (controversial I know) aren't driven, at least a little bit, by the hope of re-election (steps off soap box).

That's my confession. Phew. x"

I really wish I thought of this myself!

Just Jules said...

See- good stuff. she is an amazing woman.... good stuff all around.

Kyle said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Well said.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay So I follow @BestAt on Twitter and this is what I read this morning.

"RT @badbanana: Didn't win a peace prize. Seems I wasted another year not killing my landlord."

I was like? HUH?

Then I found out Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!!! WTH???

Your post would have done me a lot of good this morning, because that tweet is SO FUNNY! hehehehe

Will Burke said...

Perhaps Obama deserves this.
Looking at the other recipients, the Nobel Peace Prize seems to have become the international "Participated" ribbon. 'Yay, you showed up, good for you!' It kinda looks like they're handing the water-bottle to the marathoner at the 1 1/2 mile mark, with some encouraging words, so Obama's just the man for this honour!

DUTA said...

I agree with every word in your post. It's a shame what has become of the Nobel Prize!

rxBambi said...

AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! Thank you thank you thank you. I'm glad to see there are still some sane people out there.

Heather said...

I am the only one who noticed the line "We can go back and talk about Bush all we want, but the track that he was on was not all that bad"? Are you kidding? I sure hope so. I thought it was common knowledge at this point that Bush is an immature, empty-headed puppet concerned with popularity and little else. He ran this country into the ground in more ways than I can count on ten fingers. He would NEVER have been even considered for a Nobel Peace Prize, and although I agree that Obama's nomination is premature, the important thing to consider is the direction he is moving in. People hating on him for winning a peace prize? Seems hypocritical at best.

Heather said...

Once again, you hit the nail on the head. The only thing I would add is that it was 10 or 12 days between Obama's inauguration and he close of nominations for the prize. WTF is up with that??? The man had barely been in office for 2 weeks and that earns him this prize????