Friday, January 8, 2010

Michael Symon is NOT a bastard

Not too long ago, I was at a blogger event at the Greenhouse Tavern.  During this time I met some of the Cleveland Blogger Elite.  From Cleveland's a Plum, Chef's Widow [who hosted this event], and many many more.  I also met Michael Symon.  If you went back and read that blog, you will notice that I called him a bastard to his face for reading this humble blog, but not commenting on it.

Well a few posts later I went to his new restaurant and wrote a little piece about THAT.  Well later that day, the Iron Chef commented on the post.

So this is my public retraction of previous comments that Michael Symon is a bastard.  Well honestly, I never really thought he was, but it just kind of came out.

Chef, thanks a bunch, and can't wait to try the new menu at Bar Symon.