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Wedding Blogs [Part 2 of 4]

Original Post: May 21, 2008
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Original Title: The Wedding Part 2(Ceremony)
About: This was a series of blogs written to chronicle my wedding from my point of view.

So, there are people out there who want to know what a hanky bonnet is. What a hanky bonnet is; it is just a hanky, like the lace kind women carry, folded up to create a bonnet. In my family, it is tradition for all babies to wear it home from the hospital. After the baby wears home, it is taken off and placed somewhere safe, and if that baby was a boy, the hanky is unfolded and ironed, and given to his bride to carry down the isle as the 'something old'. It is a symbolic gesture of a man's mother giving her son away, because let's face it, its all about the daughter as far as weddings go.

That's what a hanky bonnet is, and I hope you can see why Jenn was so upset when she didn't have it with her.

Anyway, let us get into the wedding day.

Keith's friend Jim drove in the day before, after thinking he couldn't get here. He got there and he was able to spend the last night of bachelorhood in bed with me. He likes to cuddle, but after some pushing, he stopped spooning me.

The morning of May 17th was just like any other day, except that I was about to get married, and that I had not really slept a whole lot. I wasn't nervous, just excited to get it over. I had a lot of anxiety over how the day was going to go. I didn't want to be late; I didn't want to be so early that I was pacing just to pass the time. I had a few things to do and I wanted them to be done so I could get going.

So I got out the door to run errands about 10:30am, after forcing myself to eat an apple for breakfast. For the past month, I haven't been hungry for breakfast, and those who know me know that I am a freak for breakfast. So I went out on a search for a golf glove for Jenn. About a month ago, Jenn and I agreed that we would not get each other wedding gifts because we spent so much on everything else. Now when I got to Kentucky, I hadn't seen Jenn in a week. Within hours of me waking up when I got there, I was already at the florist to send her one rose. What I wrote on the card to my bride was special to me, and I hope she loved it. (My mom told me, that she cried when she read it.)

My search for a golf glove ended at Golf headquarters. They had the specific type of golf glove I was looking for. A golf glove was meant for a manicure and jewelry. I found one, quickly purchased it, ran over to Wal-Mart got a gift bag and tissue paper, then went back to the hotel and wrote out a card, put it in the bag with tissue paper, and got a shower and started to get ready.

It took me a whole 25 minutes to get ready. I forced myself to slow down. Keith and I left and took the rental car to be washed. I picked it up that morning, and it was dirty. They washed it, but they had one of those crappy machines do it. Keith and I took it where they wash it, then had dry it to get all the crap off it.

So once I was at the church, things really started to speed up. The photographer took us to get some pictures done. You have seen some of them on my page already. Wait until you see the rest. Our photographer was amazing! Once the photos were taken, the guys and me went up to the church and hung out. I drank a ton of water and talked with Jim, Chris, and Josh while I waited. Keith, Steve, and Patrick left to take the ring bearers to the ladies, and then to light candles and usher in our guests. It was just Jim, Chris, and myself alone. Eventually it was just Jim up there with me. It was just awesome. I am still glad he was eventually able to make it down for the wedding.

I was standing behind a door that went right into the sanctuary, when all the guys got back. I walked in to see Jenn's mom crying, my mom sitting and being my mom, and a few other people in the front few rows. If you were back further than row three, I could not see you. I stood there and watched the bridesmaids come down the isle. They all looked genuinely excited to be there. I've been to some weddings when the bridesmaids look like they have a gun to their head to smile as they walk down the isle, but Char, Shelly, and Amanda looked great. My niece and nephew walked down the isle and made it to their spots, and then I see Audrey start to come down. She looks so beautiful. She looked so excited. She walked to the end of the isle and then gave me a kiss. As I type this, I get a tear in my eye.

I try to regain composure, and then Keith and Steve take the runner down the isle. At this point, Jenn is standing off to the side so I can't see her, but I do see her Dad. Keith and Steve look off towards her, and Steve said something to her and told Keith not to walk on the runner, it is only for Jenn. They take their positions again, and then the music starts. Everyone stands up, I look down the isle and here is the most spectacular bride I have ever seen. The tears didn't let me enjoy the view, it turned into a soggy mess, but once I got them out of my eyes, it was fantastic. I went down and met her and her Dad gave me her hand, and then once it was just Jenn on my arm, all the noise, all the music, and the guests just went away. It was just Jenn and me, holding hands.

The ceremony went on, and then it was time for our vows. I told my self to hold it together, and for the most part, I did, but I was a bit teary eyed. Once the vows were over, all the stress, all the anxiety of timetables, all the worry went away.

I was married to the women of my dreams. If only everyone could be as lucky as I am.

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