Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Blogs [Part 1 of 4]

Original Post: May 20, 2008
Original Place: MySpace.com/Amplifyd
Original Title: The Wedding Part 1(The Day Before)
About: This was a series of blogs written to chronicle my wedding from my point of view.

Well, its has been done. I am now married. I can't tell you how happy I am.

The day was perfect, but our wedding day actually started the night before, at Jenn's Grandparents house. My mom catered and hosted the rehearsal dinner, and we had it at Jenn's Grandparents house. My mom made everything from the food to the centerpieces.

The centerpieces. I wish I had a picture as I write this, but unfortunately I could not get one, but they were hilarious. It was a pot of grass with plastic forks stuck in the grass. There is a very funny story surrounding this as well, not just something my crazy mother came up with.

The Plastic Forks Story: Back in 1997 Jenn and I dated. I took Jenn to her Senior prom. After Jenn graduated I broke up with Jenn because she was leaving for college. She got really mad and went to the store with her friends and bought about 500 plastic forks and stuck them in my lawn. My mom woke up and saw them and got mad, but then started to laugh when she saw me out in the yard picking up plastic forks. How ridiculous it must have looked. My mom, being the frugal individual she was, decided to keep every single one. She washed them, and from then on, they were used at family barbeques. Well some years past and Jenn and I got back together, Jenn was at her first family function, and she was eating with a plastic fork. My mom went up to her and asked her if the fork looked familiar? She said no. My mom said, it should, you put it in my front yard.

So the night wore on, and things started to calm down so we decided to give out presents to the bridal party. After all the gifts were given my mom asked about a special heirloom in my family to Jenn. I have never seen the color drain from her face faster. She and I forgot to get my hanky bonnet. It is not her fault. There was a lot to remember. My mom was not mad, but I was determined to get it to her in less than 12 hours. The bridesmaids were willing to drive up, get it, and drive back, but because of the hour, they would have been back almost 1 hour after their hair was to be done.

I jumped into action. One of my motivations was to make Jenn happy. If she didn't have this with her, she would feel she let someone down, and I refused to let that happen. So I picked up my phone and called everyone I trusted back home. Elaine Chapman and her husband, and Jesse Bacon, who was about to get on the road in a few hours to come to my wedding. Elaine was nice enough to go to my Aunt's house and grab my house keys and retrieve this object. Jesse was even better, and he went and got this object from Elaine and drove it down. The plan worked great.

Before I go on. This story seems like a footnote in my whole wedding, but this single event of kindness on Elaine and David and Jesse still brings tears to my eyes. I will confess I did cry on the phone with Elaine. It wasn't that I was mad or sad, but I was so humbled that I had friends that would do this for me. Thank you so much, and you single-handedly made Our wedding day so special!

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