Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 44th President of The United States..... not a Republican named John McCain.

I was up late last night. A lot later than I had anticipated. I was not expecting this election to be the seemingly landslide victory that it turned out to be.

Now I am not going to punch out a blog damning the diligent voters of America. I want to congratulate them. Congratulations on a successful election. I won't lie, my guy didn't win. But it is what it is. The American public voted, and in record numbers, and they elected Obama.

Now I have been sitting up all morning watching the news and all the pundits are saying that America is tired of the Bush administration and its failed economic policy. The pundits are saying that America is tired of the failed foreign policy. Now that Obama is President Elect, I can finally say that they are true.

Now that the Bush Era is coming to a close, I don't think his Administration was a total failure. During the Bush Administration, we saw the worst attack on America besides Pearl Harbor. We haven't seen one since. During the Bush Administration, every tax payer received a check from the government on top of their regular refund called a tax rebate. During the Bush Administration we invaded a country, disposed of a tyrant dictator, and are helping to set up a Democracy, albeit under false pretenses, but nonetheless it was done, and instead of cutting our losses and running, we stayed the course and are helping the fledgling government get on its feet so that we can one day leave their country.

The Obama Era is beginning. Obama was able to energize a people to vote, and vote they did. Now that Obama has made it all the way to the White House, I would love for him to renounce any party ties and have an objective view.

It is one thing to have liberal views because you have them, it is quite another to have party ties. Now every move he makes is tainted with the thought that he is being controled by a political party, instead of being an independent thinker. I would ask the same thing of John McCain.

The Republican party is now dead for now. They need to dissolve and when Obama dinounces his ties to the Democrats, that party will be dead too and we will now have a government run by a person who is in it for America and not his political party.

Thank you America for voting.

I hope America made the right decision.

Thank-you Lance for the picture from your blog.

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