Monday, April 19, 2010

My Wii called me Obese...

...and unfortunately it might be right.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I was looking for a Wii Fit Balance Board for my daughter's birthday.  Well not long after her birthday, the greatest wife in the world, my wife, not yours, found one at a Target and quickly scooped it up.
Well as The Wifey left this past weekend to visit her family in Kentucky, she left Audrey and I behind to fend for ourselves.  Well Audrey's idea was to unpack the Wii Balance Board and get to it.  So we did.  

To get it set up, as Audrey and I were clueless, I decided to be the guinea pig and step on.  It goes through a series of activities to determine you "Wii Fit Age".  It said that my "Wii Fit Age" was 30.  Fitting as this year I DO turn 30.  So I thought, hell, maybe I am a little more healthy than I think.  Like everyone else I have the same self image issues most of us do.  We don't think we look all that great, because the magazines tell us we don't.  
So as I stood on an electronic box, sipping a beer, it gave me the most humbling news.  My dreaded BMI.  It was up there.  It said my ideal weight for a guy my size and age is 166 pounds.  Then it gave me what my real weight was.  

I almost dropped my beer on the fucking thing.  I would have been fine with letting my mom come over with her eternal pissing beast, and let him piss all over this contraption.  I tried to hide the tears that shrink wrapped my eyes.  I knew I had gained some weight recently, but I had no idea how much I really had gained.  Sure my pants are up 2 sizes and now even those are getting snug, and I've noticed stretch marks in places I didn't have them before, and right then and there I realized I was becoming the dumb fat guy.  I wasn't taking care of myself the way I should be.  

I am starting to run the risk of having heart disease, running the risk of not being able to run with my daughters.  Running the risk of becoming unattractive in my wife's eyes.  

These are all real fears.  These can be motivation to real change.  

My younger brother was once in my place.  Gaining weight and not caring.  Then he realized one day that something needed to change.  About a year later after he was down nearly 75 pounds, be said, there is no such thing as a diet.  There are all these fad diets, Adkins, South Beach, The Cookie Diet, and they are all bullshit.  None of them work.  You have to make a lifestyle change.  You have to change what you keep in your fridge, you have to change how you wake up in the morning.  Sure there are things you have to sacrifice, like the 8 pounds of salt you throw in your chicken, or the 25 scoops of sugar you put in your coffee.  

I once tried this so called lifestyle change, and it worked, for the 2 weeks I did it.  Because of my brother, I was able to cut sugar out of my coffee altogether, and drink it straight up, and I still do to this day.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks, just by doing that.  But after my wedding and during my wife's pregnancy, that lifestyle was long gone.  I was back to eating whatever the fuck I cared to.  Like chicken covered in cheese.  Like eating a hamburger 6 of the 7 nights of the week.  Like sitting on the couch watching television instead of outside walking the dog.  

Life has certainly changed, and because my wife has felt so run down, I have let myself feel run down. 

So as I stood there, looking at the television shocked to see that the scale was up past the 250 pound mark, I decided there needed to be a little change in my life.  So I did was anyone would have.  I finished my beer and ran the equivilent of a mile and a half in my living room on the Wii Fit with my daughter.  Being active together.  Sweating.  Laughing at each other.  

Today I finished filling out the paperwork to get a scholorship to the YMCA they are building near the house.  If we are going to change, we are changing as a family.  

This past Sunday, I woke up with Audrey, and we went to church with friends of mine.  It was the first time in a long time that going to church was fun for me.  It was on my terms.  

This new challenge will be to.

**that is NOT a photo of me


Barefoot Dreamer said...

**this is not a photo of me** hahahahahaaa!!!! love it.
I hear you. What you have my dear man is what almost EVERY man I know got - post baby weight, it sneaks up on you during pregnancy and the whole sympathy weight thing. It does only get worse after.

You can do it - I know you can. When you set your mind to something you make it happen. You are right dieting doesn't work long term - changing little things slowly does.

You my friend have already succeeded.

Vodka Logic said...

I hear your pain and I am very unhappy with my shape too. I have joined a gym with my daughter and she has been motivating.

When I look at the scale it is painful..kudos to you for trying to change. Need any encouragement you know my number.

Julie said...

Good Luck, it'll be hard but it'll be fun especially if you are doing it as a family and it's motivating. every Saturday night before I go to bed I repeat to myself "I will jog in the morning, I will jog in the morning" and although I hate jogging it's the bain of my existance, it's a great feeling when it's over. you can do this if you need more motivation then what Jenn and Audrey are going to give you, you know how to find me.

Leah said...

I remember when you were the skinny kid. You were so skinny that in the 80's your spandex was baggy! Funny how you and your older brother were the skinny kids and ate what ever you wanted and stayed skinny and your younger brother had the weight gain tendencies and although he never realized it....he was on a controlled least until he was a teenager and took control of what he ate and his weight got out of control.... until he woke up! Now he is the skinny one and you and your older brother have to catch up with him. Ironic!

Leah said...

Do you want to read my Michael Thurmon 6 Week Body makeover book? That's what your brother did...actually both brothers....The other Jenn has lost about 45 lbs so far on this life style change and that's just since February. Your older brother started and has lost about 25.

Muse012 said...

I know the feeling! I find it humorous and scary to think that I'm afraid to step on my wii board and get ridiculed by a "game".

I wish I had the commitment to start a lifestyle change. My husband and I could both benefit from it.

Glad you enjoyed church! Hope Audrey didn't find it too boring. It wasn't fun for me at her age either.

Rox said...

Your right no diet works especially for us women. Just eat right (hardest part) and you'll get there.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

The good news is u r a guy!!! It will melt of making any slight difference in your diet! Good luck!

You should see what my Mii looks like, it's pathetic.